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Modern Etiquette lessons for Adults and Children

"Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot"

Clarence Thomas

Private Online Training Available

Private online training is available for Children, Teenagers and adults. Topics will be selected in consultation with the client's preference.

  • Investment for a one-hour Children's private tutorial is £90.00, additional hours will be charged at £80.00
  • Investment for a one-hour private tuition for a teenager is £90.00, additional hours will be charged at £80.00
  • Investment for a one-hour private tuition for an adult from £120.00.

Please contact us for group prices.

Etiquette Experts

Polished Manners has a growing reputation of teaching manners and etiquette with a modern edge. Classes are delivered in a practical and interactive way with lots of role play and an emphasis on it’s relevance in society today.

Training to suit you

If you desire a high level of expertise in etiquette coaching and training, Polished Manners are proud to say we offer just that. All across the UK, we create teaching programmes to suit our clients' needs. Our curriculum has been written and compiled with guidance from several experienced global etiquette experts.

We provide both group and individual training; contact our team today.

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May this new month be filled with good health, exciting experiences, peace, love, joy and success in all you do.⁣
Welcome to the month of August, I hope it is as amazing as you want it to be, with so many reasons to be grateful.
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I hope you’ve had a pleasant week so far ? August is just around the corner, and I’m looking forward to meeting all of the children and young people who have booked onto my forthcoming workshops and events. Details are on the website and previous posts on @polishedmannersuk 

I hope that you’re enjoying your week

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Has this ever happened to you? 

It’s vacation season for some of us and, with most schools now closed for the summer holidays, I’d love to know if you’ll be holidaying anywhere nice ? 

Don’t forget when you’re :

- boarding your plane, 
- getting on your train or 
- waiting in a hotel queue 

...Good manners will take you far. Being rude to others shows a lack of good manners.⁣
We must remember to be intentional about how we choose to interact with people around us. 

This includes making a conscious decision to pick your battles, we only have so much emotional energy for each day. Don't be a willing participant in every argument you're invited to.⁣
The lovely @sherylbrady once said, "The real mark of maturity is the ability to remain pleasant when others are not."
Have a great weekend everyone, be safe

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#rudebehavior #rudeness #rudepeople #polite #politeness #pickyourbattleswisely #beintentionaleveryday
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🌞 How are your children spending their summer holidays? 

We’ve had such beautiful weather here in the UK and it has been such a lovely week at Polished Manners HQ. 

I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with new and previous students before the end of August 😊 

If your little one or teen needs to polish up on their manners or social/personal skills, visit the link on my website today for details of my forthcoming events 

I offer interactive courses - coming up is a six day online course. Or, if you want your child(ren) to learn with me in person, why not let them come and spend two days with me at my two day (socially distanced) Etiquette Course .

Students will gain beneficial social and personal skills and, I will be covering a range of key topics. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Eid Mubarak to all Muslims celebrating 'big Eid.'
Eid al-Adha means the 'Festival of Sacrifice,' as it commemorates the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son in obedience to Allah's command.⁣
#festivalofsacrifice #eidmubarak2021 #eidmubarak #muslimfestival #muslimfamily #muslimcelebration #respectotherreligions #polishedmannersuk ⁣
Good manners is described as polite or well-bred behaviour.  As a new week starts, especially in England where most restrictions are now lifted, it is important to be conscious of how we behave and speak to others.  While some people are happy, others are not.

Good manners is about how we treat other people, so let's be polite and respectful towards others.  Show courtesy, be considerate, be kind and above all be patient with others.
I wish you all a very good week.
#mondayinspiration #mondaythoughts #freedomday
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I spent part of today with a fantastic group of @globalwoman_club ladies in London.  Hearing their stories is always inspiring.

Before embarking on this etiquette career journey as I call it, you wouldn't find me standing in front of a room full of people, speaking.  Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey of self discovery and self development with me.

Persistence is key to achieving your goals, every effort made, every step taken gets you closer, don't give up. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
#selfbelief #nevergiveuponyourdreams #selfdevelopment #empoweringwoman
Delighted to share this review of a recent Young and Polished course for children.  Thank you to their mummy for taking the time to write the review.
Our next course is on the 14th and 15th of August, register now, link in bio.
#youngandpolished #etiquetteclasseskids #etiquetteclass #parentsofinstagram #grateful
Do your children ever struggle with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence?⁣
Our Summer online and in-person courses will give them tools that will help in their daily life as well as when they interact with others.⁣
Teenagers can join the online course starting on the 26th of July for six days, 6.00-7.00pm BST daily.⁣
Children aged 6plus can attend the Young & Polished two-day course. 10.00am-4.00pm both days.⁣
Teenagers are invited to attend the two-day Young & Polished course on the 21st and 22nd of August. 10.00am-4.00pm both days.⁣
Topics include: greetings and introductions, posture and body language, respect for self and others, dining etiquette, mindset and thought regulation, well-mannered communication and social media etiquette.⁣
Location: South Kensington, central London.⁣
Lunch and refreshment will be provided.⁣
Course review notes and a certificate of attendance will be given to each student.⁣
For more information about each course and registration details, follow link in bio or visit, limited spaces available.⁣
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It's not too late to register your teenager for this course.⁣
The course is designed to give teenagers social skills that will boost their confidence and increase their self-esteem.⁣
Topics include: how to make a good first impression, posture and body language, social media etiquette, communicating with confidence and respect and dining etiquette.⁣
Date:Saturday 10th July 2021⁣
Time: 10.00am-4.00pm⁣
Location: South Kensington London⁣
Investment:£245.00 ⁣
Siblings: £220.50 ⁣
A two-course luncheon and refreshment is provided.⁣
Each student will receive an attendance certificate and course review notes.

For registration and more information, please follow link in bio or visit 
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Delighted to receive this feedback from the organiser of last week's British etiquette training for groups of adults and children on an international military base.⁣
Thank you to all who attended for being fantastic students, thank you for your warm hospitality and for the wonderful feedback.⁣
"There have been testimonials of how professional you were, with both adults and children. People also love your articulation and detailed knowledge of proper British etiquette. Things folks thought they knew about etiquette were corrected, for instance, proper hand shaking and the proper way to conduct seated posture. People noticed your confidence as a professional as well."
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Welcome to the month of July. Wishing you a month that is bright, colourful and filled with good memories.⁣
May this new month bring you good health, unlimited joy, and an abundance of blessings.⁣
Did you know that July is  named after Julius Caesar?⁣
The star signs Leo and Cancer fall in the month of July.⁣
Ruby is the birthstone for July.⁣
The water lily is July's birth flower.⁣
July ends on the same day of the week, with the exception of January in a leap year.
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Passing food dishes round a dinner table is fairly straightforward.  However, did you know that most countries pass to the right, (anticlockwise).⁣
When passing a dish, particularly in Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries, never pass or receive anything with your left hand. For religious beliefs and hygiene reasons, the left hand is considered unclean, so you must also eat with your right hand.⁣
Which is the only country that passes dishes to the left? (Clockwise).⁣
Looking forward to your answers.⁣
#culturaldifferences #tablemanners #diningetiquette101 #culturalawareness #culturaldining
Teenagers in today's society can be negatively impacted by friends, social media and issues within society which can result in low self-esteem and lack of confidence.⁣
Our Young and Polished one-day course for teenagers is back. This course is designed to give teenagers life and social skills that will boost their confidence and increase their self-esteem. ⁣
They will learn skills that will help prepare them for adult life.⁣
Topics include: how to make a good first impression, posture and body language, social media etiquette, communicating with confidence and dining etiquette. Role play activities and games will be used to reinforce learning.⁣
Date: Saturday 10th July 2021⁣
Time: 10.00am-4.00pm⁣
Location: South Kensington ⁣London.
Investment: £245.00, £220.50 if booked and paid by 26th June.⁣
Siblings: £220.50 per child.⁣
A few spaces still available.⁣
For registration and more information, please follow the link in bio or send an email to <a #etiquettecourseforteens #teenetiquetteworkshop #etiquetteclasses #activitiesforteens #parentsinlondon">
Our Young and Polished one-day course for children is back.  A few spaces still available.  Give your child the gift of good manners and boost their confidence socially, register now.
This course will cover: greetings and introductions, posture and body language, respect for self and others, manners at home, parties and when in public, being a good sport and table manners.
This fun learning experience will include games and lots of role play activities.  A multi-course luncheon and refreshment will be provided.  Each child will receive course review notes and a certificate of attendance.
Date: Saturday 3rd July 2021
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm 
Location: South Kensington 
Investment: £245.00, Siblings £220.50 per child.
For registration and more information, please follow link in bio or send an email to <a #childrensetiquette #childrensactivity #childrensetiquetteclasses #etiquetteforkids #childrensactivityproviders">
Happy Father's day to all the awesome fathers, uncles, grandfathers and all who play the role of a father in someone's life.⁣ Thank you for all you do.

Thinking of all the fathers who are no longer with us and those who find this day particularly difficult.
#fathersday2021 #happyfathersday #fatherhood #families #family #familylife #daddies
Our upbringing and environment often influences our character and shape our behaviour.  Which  of these attributes do you think is most important?  Please do share your opinion.
#charactermatters #mannersandrespect #charactereducation #culturalawareness #etiquetteexpertsofinstagram