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Modern Etiquette lessons for Adults and Children

"Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot"

Clarence Thomas

Private Online Training Available

Private online training is available for Children, Teenagers and adults. Topics will be selected in consultation with the client's preference.

  • Investment for a one-hour Children's private tutorial is £90.00, additional hours will be charged at £80.00
  • Investment for a one-hour private tuition for a teenager is £90.00, additional hours will be charged at £80.00
  • Investment for a one-hour private tuition for an adult from £120.00.

Please contact us for group prices.

Etiquette Experts

Polished Manners has a growing reputation of teaching manners and etiquette with a modern edge. Classes are delivered in a practical and interactive way with lots of role play and an emphasis on it’s relevance in society today.

Training to suit you

If you desire a high level of expertise in etiquette coaching and training, Polished Manners are proud to say we offer just that. All across the UK, we create teaching programmes to suit our clients' needs. Our curriculum has been written and compiled with guidance from several experienced global etiquette experts.

We provide both group and individual training; contact our team today.

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Happy Father's day to all the awesome fathers, uncles, grandfathers and all who play the role of a father in someone's life.⁣ Thank you for all you do.

Thinking of all the fathers who are no longer with us and those who find this day particularly difficult.
#fathersday2021 #happyfathersday #fatherhood #families #family #familylife #daddies
Our upbringing and environment often influences our character and shape our behaviour.  Which  of these attributes do you think is most important?  Please do share your opinion.
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Welcome to the month of June, what a privilege it is to be alive and well to see a new month.⁣
I hope this new month brings you sunshine, joy, good health, happiness and success in all you do. May you find the energy and strength to keep going at those times when things don't work out as expected.⁣
It is also 'Say Something Nice Day.' We can all agree that the world needs more kindness, so why not choose to be nice or nicer to others in person, online or in written communication.⁣
'Words have the power to lift a nation; they even have the power to bring one to its knees.' It is important to think before we speak by choosing our words carefully. Being nice and kind can have a ripple effect that will make those around us and  the world happier.
Being nice should be a part of our daily lives not just on the 1st of June. Today and everyday, spread kindness by being nice, it may just make a difference in someone's life.⁣
Happy New Month!
#june2021 #saysomethingnice #newmonthblessings  #newmonth⁣
Our choices quite often has a direct impact on our life. 
Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is important to choose wisely and carefully when using your power of choice.  Every decision made today, every action taken or not taken will be reflected in the future. 
Have a great week making good choices.
#choosewisely #choosehappinesseveryday #choosekindnessalways #mindsetmonday #mindsetmondays
"A woman's perfume says more about her than her handwriting." Christian Dior.⁣"
As restrictions are being lifted for some countries and people are able to socialise again. It's good to smell nice when going out but please remember that your scent or perfume is an expression of your personality. It shouldn't be overpowering, think of others, especially in confined spaces.⁣
A lady's scent should be subtle and not announce her arrival. ⁣
Trying different perfumes at the same time is not ideal as it takes some time to settle and react with the body's natural oils.  Instead, try sample sets or mini collections at home before buying, fragrances can smell differently after wearing for a while.⁣
For the Summer months, fresh and nature inspired scents are best.  Lighter fragrances like eau de toilette are better than eau de parfum.⁣
Layering - using the same body wash, lotion and perfume will make your fragrance last longer.⁣
To avoid a conficting smell with your scent when not layering, unscented body wash and moisturiser should be used.⁣
Applying a little Vaseline to your pulse points before spraying  helps the fragrance last longer. Using an oil based moisturiser first helps to lock in the scent.⁣
Apply your scent to at least two pulse points. Wrists, inside the elbows, behind the knees or the top of your ears are ideal. Don't rub or dab your wrists once perfume is sprayed so the  fragrance can last.⁣
Did you know that light, heat and humidity can damage the intensity of your scent?⁣
Bottles should not be stored in the bathroom, ideally store them in a cool and dry place away from windows.⁣
Do you have a favourite perfume? ⁣
#ladiesperfumes #eaudetoilettespray #summerfragrances #etiquettetip #elegantladies
This Chinese proverb tells us that our consistent habits and effort to keeping going can eventually move the mountains in our way.⁣
We all have personal and professional goals, we may stall at times or even fail, what we must not do is stop completely.⁣
What small stones are you going to move this week to make progress and take steps closer to achieving those personal and professional goals? ⁣
You have the ability to move that mountain.  You already have all you need, look within you and believe in yourself. "It isn't the mountain ahead to climb that wears you out, it's the pebble in your shoe." Muhammad Ali.⁣
Have a productive mountain moving week sprinkled with joy and an abundance of kindness.⁣
#mindsetquotes #mindsetmonday #mindsetmondays #newweeknewstart #movethemountains
Happy Eid al-Fitr to all celebrating today. May the light of Allah shine upon you always. Wishing you an Eid that brings you mercy, a lot of happiness and prosperity.
#eidalfitr #ramadan2021 #happyeidmubarak #muslimfestival #muslimfamily #muslimsofinstagram #eidmubarak #polishedmannersuk
Register your child for this popular, fun and interactive half-term course. Learning about manners needn't be boring, this course will not only boost their confidence, they will gain social skills that will enable them to feel more comfortable in social situations.⁣
Children will learn how to greet and make introductions, use polite words in conversation, respect for others and self. They will learn about good posture, body language, manners in public, good table manners and more.
Dates: Tuesday 1st - Friday 4th June.⁣
Time:4.00 - 5.00pm BST ⁣
Investment: £120.00⁣
Review notes and a certificate of attendance will be awarded to each student.
For registration and further information, please follow the link in bio.
+44 (0) 208 935 5953.
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Hosted by The Mental Health Foundation, this year's theme is nature. "The aim is to inspire more people to connect with nature in new ways." 
Secondly, "to convince decision makers at all levels that access to and quality of nature is a mental health and social justice issue as well as an environmental one."

It is reported that 45% of people in the UK said that visiting green spaces such as parks, helped them cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more, visit
Our mindset quite often influences how we behave, think or feel in any situation or circumstance.⁣ It can also determine if those dreams will come true, if those goals or target will be met.
"Mindset: a person's way of thinking and their opinions or the established set of attitudes held by someone."⁣
In a simple way, people with a growth mindset are often willing to learn by trying and experiencing new things and are not afraid to fail.⁣
People with a fixed mindset are often afraid to try new things or take advantage of new opportunities. They believe their abilities are fixed and cannot be improved or changed.⁣
Focusing on developing a growth mindset fosters resilience in the face of adversity and setbacks.⁣
Using positive words can help build a growth mindset as well as challenging negative thoughts and replacing them with helpful ones.
Making mistakes or failing at something and not giving up by trying again shows you are trying, open to learning and not afraid of a challenge.⁣
Whatever this new week may bring, focus on the journey. 
If challenges come, remember that "Rome wasn't built in a day," mindsets are attitudes that can be changed, you have a choice. ⁣
#mindsetmatters #mindsetshift #mindsetmonday #growthmindset #mentalhealthawarenessweek2021
Mind your manners, respect yourself, self-respect leads to self-discipline and self-control.
Always remember that wherever you go, you are representing yourself, your family, your community or organisation.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, treat others with respect and kindness even when you feel they don't deserve it.
I will be participating in a discussion about manners in the modern world tomorrow morning on @bbcradiolondon with sangitamyska.⁣

Do you think good manners in a multicultural society is difficult to understand?
Kindly listen in if you can.⁣
#bbcradiolondon #modernmanners #mannersmatter
#bbcinterview ⁣#polishedmannersuk
As we enter into a new month, may we continue to have blessings poured upon us. 
May we continue to show kindness, respect and love to our neighbours and encourage those around us.⁣
May you have peace. ⁣
May you have joy.⁣
May you have good health. ⁣
May you be happy. ⁣
May you have strength and courage when needed.⁣
What are you most looking forward to in this new month?
#newmonth #newmonthquotes #newmonthnewgoals #polishedmannersuk #may2021 #newblessing #newmonthmotivation
Always remember to be kind to yourself not just to other people. A good mindset starts with positive self-talk and knowing who you are. Having a good mindset  is critical when faced with challenging situations or people, it is all about your attitude.⁣
Life is not a race, do things at your own pace, what works for others will not necessarily work for you.⁣ 
Have an amazing week filled with positive energy, positive mindset and kindness in abundance.⁣
#mindsetmonday #positivemindset
#mindsetquotes #mindsetmatters #mondaymindset
Happy 28th birthday to my number one super lady.  You continue to be a source of strength and joy despite the health difficulties you have.  We are very proud of you and your achievements and the quiet strength and determination that enables you to continue to pursue your dreams.  Cheers to a year of abundant grace and favour.  #tolulope_akano #florenceakanophotography #birthdaygirl❤️ #gratitudematters #blessedgirl #blessedgratefulthankful
A reminder that we should be intentional with our words and actions.  Some lockdown restrictions in England are lifted today, for most people it brings joy, not so for others who might be anxious about going out and meeting people again. 

Self control and respect for others is a sign of strength and humility.  Emotions should not be allowed to overpower intelligence, particularly when dealing with challenging situations.  It is always better to respond than to react.

Please take your good manners with you wherever you go. Everyone deserves a level of respect regardless of their status or circumstances.
Have a pleasant week.
#kindnessiseverything #kindnessisfree #kindnessiscontagious #kindnessismagic
My favourite quote from His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  He left a lasting legacy in the world. 
#princephilipdukeofedinburgh #princephillip #RoyalFamily #forthbridge #queenelizabeth #ripprincephilip