Etiquette training for Adults

etiquette training for adults

Want to feel more at ease?

Have you ever found yourself at a party or in a business meeting feeling awkward, unsure how to strike up a conversation with new acquaintances or wondering whether you’re getting your point across?

Etiquette is about more than just knowing which fork to use. Etiquette is about communication and respect; a set of skills allowing you to negotiate and enjoy any (professional) or social situation.

Polished Manners offer a range of etiquette training courses, both in person and online, which open the door to a more confident, more effective you.

Socialise with ease

If you sometimes feel anxious or unprepared before social or networking events, I can help. My courses include tips on introducing yourself, making conversation, dinner party etiquette, guides for formal occasions and practical skills that you can apply in a multitude of contexts.

Your time to shine

The modern world lets us communicate with each other more quickly and easily than ever before. We can chat, text, zoom, email and interact with other humans through a dizzying array of means. Each of these has its style, vocabulary and tone. Addressing someone incorrectly or inappropriately may cause miscommunication, make a bad impression and damage personal or professional relationships.

My courses apply etiquette guidelines and communication skills to a wide range of real-life situations, meaning that your personality and positive qualities will shine through every time. You’ll face the world feeling more assured and confident than ever before and equipped to deal with situations that may arise. The results will speak for themselves.

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We offer the highest standards of etiquette training for adults

If you desire a high level of expertise in etiquette coaching and training, Polished Manners are proud to say we offer just that.

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