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"My daughter attended an Etiquette party last year October delivered by Polished Manners. She learnt so much that she asked if she could have a similar party for her 8th birthday party.

She and her friends had a fantastic time on her 8th birthday party. My daughter and her friends were so excited ordering a 3 course meal by themselves, they were practicing all they had learnt in just 2 hours, from role play to questions and answers , how to excuse yourself from the table, the list is endless."

“I would recommend Polished Manners to others, They delivered a lovely party”.
- Buki (Teni’s mum)

"My three girls thoroughly enjoyed Mrs Akano's very detailed and compact lessons. I have noticed the changes in them with regards to having better posture, table manners and courtesies that we often forget and take for granted.

I want my girls to stand out ahead of the rest and Polished Manners have delivered what I expected. I am pleased to say that Mrs Akano's very professional, yet down to earth nature is a major asset which enables any one to learn everyday basic skills that will truly set you apart."
- Keisha (Maaya, Giyaa & Kriyaa's Mum)

"The coolest party ever and now my child is paranoid that she doesn’t hold her cutlery correctly!"
- Sonia (Gabby’s mum)

"Sofiyah had a really fabulous time and was going on about it till she fell asleep!"
- Hina (Sofiyah’s mum)

"Thank you for a great introductory course to polished manners and etiquette for my three children. They have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, which were well structured and swiftly delivered by Mrs Akano. She is an extremely professional tutor who is very enthusiastic and informative. Her lessons have been invaluable for my children. We look forward to more of Mrs Akano's engaging and humorous etiquette lessons in years to come."
- Georgina Powell


"The 10 hours etiquette training course has been a fantastic life changing experience for my kids. They have enjoyed every bit of the training sessions, especially the table manners. I hope to support them that what they learnt will help build their confidence in life.
Thanks very much for all the hard work."
- Mrs E Onyeanuna

"During the 6 months of etiquette training, I learnt:
Not to take a load of food at once
Not to spit out your food when eating
How to hold a knife and fork correctly
How to tuck in the sides of your dress or skirt before you sit down
Not to play on your tablet in a church service"
- Udochukwu (Student)


"I am mum, of Aaron and Nikita, my children attended etiquette class for 6 months. I really can see the difference in my children, it was useful for them. Many things which we were not able to teach them at home, they learned easily coming to the classes. Hands off to Laura and Nicky, I really appreciate your effort and hard work. Above all, the children enjoyed attending the classes.
Thank you once again."
- Sunitha


"Our children attended a customized etiquette/social grace/manners class with the Polished Manners team led by Mrs. Akano. It was relevant, applicable and served the purpose of preparing the children for the future.

Mrs. Akano was most professional, detailed and was fun to be with. She made a rigorous learning very engaging and exciting for the children.

The training is making progressive impact and we are very glad to recommend her and her team for anyone seeking to prepare their children for the future of excellent social engagement."
- Mr and Mrs Adekanmbi (Lagos, Nigeria)


"My daughter Jessica Joseph attended a Polished Manners class for six months. It was very helpful and good to shape her manners. I am very grateful to Laura who conducted the class, it was good for the kids to develop more social skills"
- Mrs.S Joseph


"Etiquette classes has had a huge impact on my manners, and I am proud to have taken these lessons. More so, I feel confident doing things right"
- Amarachukwu (Student)


"The five months of etiquette class has been an amazing experience for me, and I have learnt a whole lot from it. But if there was one thing I can choose as the highlight of etiquette 2016, it would be of course the final month, where our etiquette skills were put to the test."
- Ikechukwu (Student)


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