Business etiquette to boost your career

Business is all about communication. Every contact you make with a client or prospect is an opportunity to build relationships and move your career forward. But miscommunication can have a very negative effect on business, just as it can in any other sphere of human interaction.

By exuding calm confidence and putting others at ease you’ll get the most positive results from conversations, meetings and networking. Knowledge of correct etiquette and excellent communication skills can help to smooth the way even in a contentious or complicated business situation.

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Successful networking secrets

Networking is more important now than ever and it’s proven to be an effective way of creating leads and forging strong professional relationships. My courses will equip you with key skills to hold conversations confidently with other business representatives, communicate your strengths and expertise clearly and memorably, and make sure you get the most out of any networking opportunity.

Business entertaining etiquette

Many businesses spend considerable time and money hosting or attending functions such as lunches or dinners. Big decisions and important negotiations and deals may take place over a dining table.

Corporate hospitality has a particular style and etiquette, and anyone representing your business must be able to take part in these occasions with self-assurance and ease.

Polished Manners runs courses designed to give any employee a thorough working knowledge of how to conduct themselves in a relaxed and confident manner, both as a host and a guest at any business dining function. This makes a tangible difference to the client’s experience and creates a great impression.

Mobile and Social Media Etiquette

We all know that most modern business communication takes place through electronic means: mobile phones, social media, email, instant messaging and voicemail. Each has a particular style, vocabulary and tone. Getting it wrong makes a jarring impression which can be hard to recover from.

Therefore, it is vital to know how to communicate respectfully, effectively and appropriately through all these media. Polished Manners programmes cover all aspects of professional electronic correspondence, using real-world examples to illustrate the learning at every stage.

Excellent etiquette training delivered to your premises

All Polished Manners workshops and group coaching can be customized and can be delivered on your business premises or at an agreed venue. Contact me for more information.

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