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Why Etiquette & Good Manners are Important

The customs or rules governing behaviour that is regarded as correct or acceptable in social or official life.

Why is etiquette still so important in the modern world?

So many people hear the word “etiquette” and associate it with being stuffy, snobby or elitist. However, etiquette is all about understanding, kindness, respect and consideration for others. and improving relationships.

In a world where we have the means to communicate with each other 24 hours a day across multiple platforms, and where the chance to make a first impression has never been briefer, etiquette is more important than ever before.

Politeness, kindness and good manners never go out of style and have real-world results for your happiness and success.

What can knowledge of etiquette do for me?

Etiquette helps us to know how to treat others respectfully and appropriately in any context. By knowing how to read social cues and communicating effectively, we put others at ease, foster meaningful relationships and create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere wherever we go.

Etiquette is not about being perfect or being prim and proper; it’s not about your social class, profession, ethnicity or gender, or how rich or well-educated you are. Etiquette simply helps us to know how to behave and conduct ourselves in different environments.

More than just “please and thank you”

Etiquette is about more than just good manners, although manners are very important, of course. Etiquette allows us to present the best version of ourselves. It is all about making other people comfortable in our company.

Etiquette helps us to be thoughtful about our conduct. It helps us to be aware of the feelings and rights of others. By eliminating discourteous behaviour and prioritising other people’s feelings, etiquette promotes kindness, consideration, and humility.

I can help

For information on my courses and tailored training sessions, contact me today. I can show you how etiquette is a timeless solution for modern problems, and how you can improve your interactions with other people for their benefit and your own.

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It's etiquette that points out the girl next to you that she's drinking from the finger bowl; it's manners that insist that you drink from yours to put her at ease.

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