Etiquette training for Teens and Young adults

Turn your teenager into a picture of politeness

While etiquette lessons may not be as exciting as some milestones in a teenager's life, like passing their driving test or their first date, it's still important to do all you can to give your children every chance they can to succeed.

Our programmes for teens include:

The Well-Mannered Communicator

This programme teaches how to speak with poise, impact, warmth and civility, master one to one conversations, speaking in groups and giving effective oral presentations.


Character Education Programme

This programme will teach students how to present themselves in a variety of situations, making them comfortable in the knowledge that they are creating a positive image right from the start. By learning how to properly shake hands, make introductions, dress for interviews, be respectful on a date, display appropriate table manners, students will have the confidence necessary to succeed. We also address the ever increasing issue of internet personas and the consequences of negative profiles and bullying.

Stand Out Interview Skills

You have been offered an interview for your dream job, Congratulations! Now how do you prepare? In this class, you will gain the edge over your competition and impress your future employer. The smallest detail could stand between you and the other candidates.

To discover the full syllabus or to discuss any aspect of our programmes, call us now.

Teen etiquette at a glance

  • Introductions
  • Table manners
  • Appropriate attire
  • Grooming and hygiene
  • Conversational skills
  • Dining etiquette
  • Cyber civility and social networking

Etiquette programmes for young ladies

Our etiquette programmes for young ladies are designed as a broad overview for young ladies. A fun session awaits as the young lady in your life learns how to fine tune her manners, learns about healthy eating, wardrobe choices, grooming and light make-up application.

To find out more; call us today.

The 10 hours etiquette training course has been a fantastic life changing experience for my kids. They have enjoyed every bit of the training sessions, especially the table manners. I hope to support them that what they learnt will help build their confidence in life.

Thanks very much for all the hard work.

Mrs E Onyeanuna


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