Young and Polished Summer Course for Teens

A fun, educational and practical Summer holiday course taught in an interactive way.  Teenagers will gain skills that can be applied in their daily lives that will boost their confidence.  They will learn about online manners and creating a positive digital footprint; how to make good first impressions, personal presentation, dining etiquette, having good posture and body language.  Through a series of animated programmes and activities they will develop and sharpen their social and emotional skills.


  • Appropriate greetings & Introductions
  • How to make a good first impression
  • Small Talk – well-mannered communication
  • Netiquette and Online Manners
  • Respect and courtesy for adults and others
  • Grooming, Hygiene and Dress Codes
  • Deportment – Body Language and Posture
  • Parties & Other social occasions
  • Manners in public – Theatres, Cinemas, Concerts & other venues
  • Manners when travelling – Buses, Cars, Aeroplanes and Trains
  • Resilience and Goal setting skills
  • Listening skills and connecting with others
  • Mindset and achieving your goals

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